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3 Questions to ask a Bio Hazard Company before you hire them.

There's another death from suicide in America every 11 minutes. That's 45,979 lives lost every year. 1.2 million more attempt to take their lives. 

These numbers depend on the time of year. The rates increase in spring and fall

Discovering a suicide scene is one of the most harrowing experiences anyone can have. The next step after overcoming the initial shock is finding a way to remove the mess left behind.

Read on to learn 3 questions you should ask a biohazard company before a suicide cleanup.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

A reputable biohazard cleanup service should be able to show you their license if you ask them to. If they're not, find another option as soon as possible.

They also need the proper insurance to keep you and their workers safe. They should at least have liability, worker's compensation, and commercial automobile insurance.

2. How Experienced Are You and Can You Provide References?

Biohazard cleanup companies can clean up hoarding situations, homicide scenes, and other hazardous situations. Basic training helps them handle a wide variety of scenes.

They should have passed additional courses in areas related to suicide. For example, OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires bloodborne pathogens training for blood cleanup. 

You can also determine their level of experience by asking about how many past suicide cleanups they've done. Even if they don't specialize in it, they should be familiar with what it entails.

Ask for pictures or information about their past work. Find out more about the experience that their past clients had to see if it was positive or negative. See if the service is willing to give you references.

3. How Will You Respect Our Privacy?

A suicide cleanup service's level of skill and experience is obviously important, but so is the way that they work with you. A suicide isn't just any biohazard scene, and it requires an extra level of empathy and compassion.

The right service will respect your need for privacy. Ask them about how they'll make sure no information about the scene gets spread to the public. 

Make sure to find a service that's empathetic and compassionate while working with you from the moment you first call them to the day they finish the job. They should never be rude or dismissive when they answer your questions. The best ones will follow up with you and provide additional resources such as contact information for counselors they recommend.

How to Choose a Suicide Cleanup Service

Always ask about a suicide cleanup service's licensure and training to make sure they're qualified. Ask what insurance they have to protect you and themselves. Determine how experienced they are by asking about how many previous suicide scenes they've worked on.

The emotional aspect of the cleanup is also important. Talk to them about what measures they use to protect your privacy and make sure they treat you with compassion and respect.

Bio-One of Houston North is a biohazard company with the experience and compassion you need. Get our suicide cleanup services today.